I just went back and read my rant about the trainer and all I have to say is … Good GOD I need a break.

My emotions are all over the place. Some days I wake up happy, some days I wake up pissed at everyone, some days I wake up motivated, some days I just can’t do it.

I have a very charmed life, I know. The stress surrounding work and school and life, in general, has just been wearing me down lately. There’s really not much I can do but try to handle it in a sane way – so I’m working on it.

One day at a time. Soon it will be over and I’ll miss bitching about it, I’m sure.

I don’t even remember what I ate prior to dinner tonight. I know I had a session with the trainer at 5PM – came home to find Jon cooking dinner. Simple – bottled sauce (with mushrooms, onions, garlic, etc. added), sausage, butternut squash and a little fresh spinach.

I have issues with sweetish things being part of my meal – don’t really like it – so I’m struggling a little with the butternut squash. I think I’m over the hump because I REALLY liked this tonight.

The weekend was a blur. Had a great time with my mom here. She brought us all kinds of fun kitchen stuff – including a programmable coffee pot. I seriously never believed my life could be enhanced so much by a coffee maker, but dang. I HATE making coffee early in the AM when I’m barely awake (even though I admittedly don’t when Jon’s here because he gets up for the day crazy early – FOUR THIRTY AM – and makes coffee then). ANYWAY, no pot – just stick the cup under the thing and it pours. Genius.

I have just one picture from the weekend – think it highlights the gist of the two days very well.

I’m surprised I still fit in my clothes.