I noticed today that I’m responding to things pretty negatively lately. I know it’s likely stress and I know I can choose to work to stop it … but it’s happening nonetheless. Great time/excuse for me to say something about something that’s been irritating the shit out of me.

I am HIGHLY irritated by people who insinuate that OF COURSE I’ve lost weight … I have a trainer. I am also HIGHLY irritated by people who pretend they couldn’t possibly have the same kind of success I’ve had simply because I have an advantage.

It’s a great defense … but it’s bullshit.

I lost about forty pounds before I ever contacted a trainer. FORTY. I started out walking on a treadmill at the same campus gym I still go to – at about 2.0 because anything else would’ve killed me. I didn’t join WW or have any outside help with food planning (even though I have admittedly joined WW 6 or 7 times – I know the ropes). I did nothing but walk into a gym and try my best to figure it out without humiliating myself.

Point is: I lost forty pounds on my own. No trainer, no guidance, nothing but a desire to just do it for chrissake.

I love my trainer, and I do believe hiring her has been one of the best things I’ve ever done … but I was doing it on my own, too. I know I could do it on my own now.

She’s a wonderful benefit – not a necessity. I was losing weight. PERIOD.

I’m a little touchy about this, for sure, but it’s just irritating. And insulting.

I don’t even go around broadcasting the fact I have a trainer. Maybe a handful of people know. A handful of people who obviously didn’t need to know.

I’m somewhat interested to find studies that have determined whether trainers = more success, but I’m seriously overextended right now. Maybe in December.

Breakfast and lunch were typical today. I had a packed night planned (home at 5:45, clean the house, laundry, dinner, trainer, grocery shopping – my mom will be in town tomorrow) … so dinner was quick. Jon just threw together some bottled sauce with Italian sausage and put that on top of spinach … parm cheese on top. It was very, very good. No need for noodles at all – I honestly don’t miss them. I risked eating this just an hour before working out – all was well, though.

Bed now. I’m exhausted.