I woke up in a freakin’ fantastic mood today. I didn’t want to get up, of course, since it was dark and my house was cold, but once I did? I actually felt like I might be able to handle the week. I even sort of felt like some of the huge things I have going on school-wise might be manageable – and felt excited to get it all going.

It could be a result of one of a few things:

(1) The HUGE and VERY IMPORTANT exam is over and no longer looming around ruining all my free time.

(2) Yesterday’s cardio workout.

(3) I’m completely losing touch with reality.

I certainly didn’t feel this way all weekend – test was over Friday. I’m going to assume that I’m not losing it, but I’d be the last to know, I guess. So … that leaves the exercise.

I’m not sure why I forget how great a really hard workout makes me feel – AFTERWARD. It sucked very much while I was doing it, of course, and I had to flip through songs on my ipod every minute or so to keep my brain jumping around and focused on something other than the fact that I was dying – but today? I remember why it’s so addictive.

I’m sitting here now – just out of the shower – having just come home from working out again (on campus because I’m giving it one last shot before I cave and join the Y) – and I still feel freakin’ fantastic. I love strength training, but I LOVE cardio.

Breakfast and lunch were the same as usual, but tonight we had the elk roast.

I realized as I was sitting at work feeling hungry and thinking about dinner that I had no idea what an elk really even is. So I quickly googled it. And freaked out.

Turns out elk get some sort of chronic wasting disease that can POTENTIALLY (but not proven/documented) lead to some sort of fatal brain problem. I don’t know – I have a tendency to skim a lot and I only had time to check wikipedia – all I saw was ‘SIMILAR TO MAD COW DISEASE.’

I ate it (under duress) only because we paid so much for it. And because Jon convinced me that I might really be completely losing it. All I know is I have no idea where this meat came from and I better not have spent all these years stressing out over educating myself to have some damn elk meat ruin it all.

Jon put it in a crockpot this morning with some carrots and onions and let it cook all day. Pretty simple. Tasted just like beef to me so I’m thinking I don’t see the point in paying so much for it.