Today’s been good. I love lazy weekends at home.

Jon made breakfast – fried eggs and bacon.

We ran some errands sometime mid-morning – including picking up some more groceries and checking out a YMCA.

The last of the weekly groceries = spinach, mushrooms, blueberries, coffee, nuts, babybels, tiny cucumbers and a pumpkin.

The YMCA we checked out was tiny – DRASTICALLY different than the huge gym on campus – but they gave me a 7 day pass to try it out.

We ate lunch while we were out and tried to do our best to not eat a bunch of crap, but our success is questionable.

I was starving and felt like my body needed protein in a serious way, so I ordered a hamburger. The menu said it had pimento cheese, some sort of onions and jalapeños on it. The onions turned out to be breaded and fried – disappointing – but I ate them anyway. I ate it bun-less with a side of chili.

Jon had BBQ with parmesan spinach and some sort of yellow squash concoction.

We split a salad, too.

We passed up the bread, my bun and picked off some sort of fried potato things that were on the salad.

Jon was disappointed that the lunch was more carb heavy than planned and we were both feeling it, so we took a walk outside the restaurant around some office park.

He did some push-ups, too, because he’s crazy.

Honestly, I thought the whole thing (including the walk) was nuts – it totally helped combat the sluggishness, though, and kept us from feeling tired all afternoon.

We hung out most of the afternoon doing nothing before heading to the (campus) gym. I did 40 minutes of cardio – felt great.

I haven’t been very hungry tonight, so I ate just a few ounces of chicken (dipped in spicy mustard) and some yogurt/blueberries/walnuts/PB for dinner.

I am SO not ready for the weekend to end. Very seriously not ready.