Today has NOT been my day.

First, I had to wake up – something I did NOT want to do.
Next, my camera wouldn’t work when I tried to take pictures of my breakfast – the expensive camera I don’t really know how to use.
Then, I left my lunch at home – didn’t realize it until I made it to work.

There’s nothing I can do about the getting up part. The camera? Who knows? I don’t know when I’ll have time to deal with it. It’s likely user error. Lunch? Again, who knows? I was so wrapped up trying to remember everything ELSE, I just completely forgot.

I ate just two scrambled eggs this morning, and brought a banana for the ride to work … so … not quite the most filling breakfast. Had no time to leave work to get something for lunch, so a trip to the vending machine was necessary around 3PM when I started feeling light-headed and ready to kill everyone around me.

I haven’t checked out a vending machine in ages – a couple of years, at least. I wasn’t overly surprised to find nothing but junk, but I was a little surprised that I found just ONE thing I could eat – peanuts – and just ONE tiny pack, at that.

I ate them and then had to eat something else an hour later because I was about to die, so I bought some crackers with cheddar cheese.

My complaints: the peanuts were too oily and the crackers were so salty I could barely tolerate them. Also? The crackers had about million ingredients – one of them being peanuts. Not in the “might contain” category … part of the actual ingredient list. Strange.

I’m going to have to put a post-it note on my front door reminding me to take my lunch. Don’t want to make this mistake again.

One thing I want to know – how does a person buy OREOS from a vending machine and then forget them? I stuck my hand in to grab my crackers and pulled out a pack of cookies, too. I can pretty much guarantee I would never forget my lunch if it contained cookies.

(I put them back.)

I ate my forgotten lunch for dinner – a salad, an apple, a few pistachios and maybe half a leftover pork chop.

I’m planning to have yogurt and fruit later, but my calories are still low for the day. Protein is low, carbs are high. Not a good food day. I was starving all day, came home and lost my appetite – or the (approx) 3 oz of pork chop did the trick? Doubt it.