Ok, I’m sick. Anybody surprised? I guess I have to check shrimp & grits off the list of acceptable meals.

I started feeling sick lateish last night (when I ate my leftover food) and had to take some pepto pills. Then I woke up suddenly at 4AM feeling sick again … and woke up my (sweet and patient and accommodating) husband, who brought me some MORE pepto pills while I laid there and whined and hoped I wouldn’t puke.

My body just REVOLTS when I eat anything out of the ordinary. I’ve tried, but I can’t isolate the issue. The first time I was this sick I had eaten Mexican food (so … chips and rice and greasy stuff and salsa, etc.). The second time I had eaten coconut shrimp that Jon made. This time? All that stuff yesterday.

The only constant is the frying of the food – each time I’ve eaten SOMETHING fried. I can’t even isolate an oil, though. 2 of the meals are questionable (likely vegetable oil for each), one = coconut oil.

Who knows? All I know is I eat “normal” stuff and feel fabulous – I eat anything else and I wind up sick.

I woke up feeling ok this morning, so I ate scrambled eggs and fruit (peach, strawberries and banana combo). It’s 3PM and I haven’t had lunch, so I’m doubting it’s going to happen – maybe pizza, if Jon brings one home and I feel like risking it. I’m feeling well enough that I’m still on board for the dinner Jon and I are planning to go to (alone) tonight, too – our favorite Indian place. We haven’t been in a really long time … since we gave up rice and all that … so I’m pretty excited.

This birthday situation is really working out for me.

I’m contemplating buying some sort of workout equipment (likely a bike even though the stair stepper thing is my favorite because (a) the stair thing kills my foot and (b) it’s insanely expensive). Jon is completely opposed to it, but I think it’s a really good idea.

His argument:
(1) it would be a poor investment because it likely wouldn’t be used often
(2) our house is small – it would take up too much space
(3) we have a neighborhood with sidewalks – perfect for running/walking
(4) a real bike is better
(5) could get just as much exercise doing jumping jacks, squats, jump rope, etc.
(6) we have access to a (really nice) gym for (sort-of) free

My argument:
(1) it would be a good investment because I would use it every day
(2) our house isn’t THAT small – we rarely use the dining room table, anyway
(3) I can’t run yet (foot issue) and I’m not walking in the neighborhood in the dark – the only time I seem to have to do cardio
(4) I haven’t ridden a real bike in 10 years
(5) I do jumping jacks, squats, etc. with the trainer
(6) I am not ALWAYS going to be paying tuition that gives me access to the “free” gym
(7) Said gym is inconvenient given my current schedule/routine
(8) Said gym is not always open when I want to workout (before noon on Sunday, for example)
(9) it would be convenient

I think it’s a really good idea. Jon, unfortunately just does NOT. I need a better argument.

In other news, we’ve decided to start an 8 week junk/beer fast – tomorrow, obviously. We’re pretty good about 80-90% of the time, but weekends kind of go to hell. We discussed it and committed to each other and all that – from now until Thanksgiving. Bare minimum, I’m going to track calories. Life is crazy right now and has the potential to get crazier, which makes it easier to lose focus – something neither of us wants.

I think my focus would be a lot clearer if I had a BIKE in my HOUSE.