We’ve had a house full of people since last night. Lots of fun.

Jon’s mom came into town and brought a cake … which we ate at 10PM.

I love it that Jon’s birthday = cake for me, too.

We’ve had a fun day. Jon made eggs and bacon for everyone this morning. His mom took us all to lunch, which I think is going to have to be it for the day. I ate well. Too much.

I had a little bit of bread.

And a little bit of all the appetizers we shared – almond crusted shrimp w/sesame noodles and a fried green tomato w/stone ground cheese grits and gravy.

The best part? Shrimp & Grits. One of my favorite meals OF ALL TIME. Jon’s is best, but this place (a local chain) does a good job.

We all had dessert (even though we still have cake). Jon and I split something – chocolate lasagna – chocolate cake with mascarpone cheese between the layers … with caramel and some sort of white chocolate sauce on top. The menu says it has honey and butterscotch liqueur, so I guess that was part of it, too. That thing was effing delicious.

I haven’t had a meal that rich and heavy – and NOT shared with Jon – in a long time. As always, I felt drunk after eating everything. I brought some home for the first time EVER – maybe my stomach has shrunk? Or maybe my brain is semi-fixed and I’ve come to realize that I don’t have to eat everything at one time?

It’s been raining all day and we’ve had TONS of TV shows to catch up on since Jon was out of town all last week – perfect day for it all. It’s been fun.

The list this season: The Office, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock (soon!), Two and a Half Men, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Glee, Dollhouse, Family Guy, American Dad, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Hung, Saturday Night Live (soon!), Jon Stewart and Colbert (always), Hoarders (have to watch that one alone), The Biggest Loser (also have to watch that one alone), Jon watches Dexter and Weeds (whenever they’re on), (I’m waiting for) The United States of Tara and Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Kathy Griffin, and we’re planning to try The Cleveland Show.

I wonder what all of that says about me? Doesn’t seem like we spend much time watching it all … maybe an hour a night? Regardless, I’m SO happy it’s all back.

Maybe I’ll exercise again sometime this year.