I made it below 1 freakin’ 92. FINALLY.

I don’t know why my body does this – stays the same repeatedly and then drops several pounds suddenly. I swear the past few weeks have been pissing me off.

Shitty (quick so the scale wouldn’t register the camera) picture, but I have proof!

I started to talk about my groceries in the comments, but then realized I was rambling on and on … so here it is:

I very rarely grocery shop – Jon almost always takes care of it. As a matter of fact, he tried to talk to me recently about what to buy and I actually said, “I really want nothing to do with this.” So. Not my thing. I love to GO to the grocery store and look and buy fun things and I always go with him … I love food. I just don’t do meal planning. Likely because I don’t cook.

That said, there are several things that we always have on hand and that we buy every single week:

large containers of yogurt for me, homemade for Jon
any other seasonal fruit (right now we have peaches, apples, bananas, and oranges on hand in addition to the strawberries and blueberries)
walnuts or almonds or pistachios or (most likely) all three
large containers of salad stuff and spinach
a cucumber
cheese of some kind (right now we have babybels, feta and parm)
peppers (all kinds)
onions (red and yellow)

Other than that, Jon plans out our meals for the week – or a couple days or whatever – and he buys whatever he needs. We really don’t buy much other than meat and specific vegetables (kale, squash, etc) for each night.

We eat the same stuff pretty consistently. I definitely eat the same stuff every time Jon’s out of town – mostly scrambled eggs multiple times a day. Or nothing. I really hate cooking.

I really don’t ever stop to think about it, but we eat just about nothing that’s been processed except cheese and yogurt and oil. And except meals we don’t make at home, of course.

I’m pretty happy with our eating habits.

Breakfast (only picture I took today):

83 pounds down, so I guess I’m doing something ok.