All my eating yesterday was fun, but I woke up absolutely starving this morning. So hungry I was feeling sick. That almost never happens these days … only when I eat a bunch of junk that does nothing for me but make me happy. Not discounting that – I just recognize that it does nothing good for my body.

Jon made a quick breakfast – some sausage and a couple fried eggs.

Lunch was picked up from a BBQ place – Fats BBQ – near us. We ordered a pound of chopped chicken, a pound of chopped pork, green beans and potato salad (for all of us).

Jon is of the opinion that we shouldn’t be eating potatoes or green beans – I’m still not 100% sure about that, but I marginally understand the reasoning. It’s going to be December or after before I have time to really read or think about it much … so … I don’t know. I’m doing good if I’m not eating ice cream every day at this point in my (STRESSED) life. Not sure I’m ready to tackle green freakin’ beans.

Jon cooked dinner, which was FABULOUS. He decided to make beef bourguignon after we saw Julie & Julia last weekend, but it’s time consuming … so it didn’t happen until today.

It deserves a better picture, but this is all I’ve got. Such a dreary weekend – almost zero natural light.

I was going to take more pictures of the process, etc., but I was busy. It was definitely worth the effort.

(Well, for me, anyway, since I put forth no effort.)

VERY good.

Another article re: the “Smart Choices” program, this time at Forbes.

Smart Choices, which is now administered by the American Society for Nutrition and NSF International (a nonprofit public health organization), has approved approximately 800 products, including Kid Cuisine’s Magical Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza, Healthy Choice’s Philly Cheese Steak Panini and Slim Fast’s Rich Chocolate Royale Shake. (The pizza meal contains 23% of one’s recommended daily saturated fat intake, not to mention dozens of ingredients.)


I’m cranky and tired tonight.

I just realized – looking at my pictures – that I’ve had almost nothing green today. Strange.