I started a post this morning about how I’m so GD sick of counting/weighing/keeping food journals … and about how I should not have weighed yesterday … and about how I’ve been bouncing around in the low 190’s for well over a month now … and about how it’s DRIVING ME CRAZY.

Then … the rest of the day happened. There is a reason I’m just maintaining right now. That reason = days like today (even only one or two a month) + virtually zero cardio. I’m bringing it on myself.

It pisses me off because I KNOW I eat really well over 80% of the time … but whatever. I’m going to have to work harder to find the right balance to get myself off this plateau.

Today = not such a great example of what to do to work towards that.

Breakfast was good. Jon made bacon and eggs – the bacon being perfectly crisp and almost burnt.

We took kids to the fair today, so lunch happened there.

Jon and I stopped at a booth set up by a local restaurant – Philippine Connection – and split some chicken fried rice, but had our own egg rolls (we ordered something else, but this is what we were given … so we took it).


I was hungry a couple hours later, so we split a gyro. I was very tempted to eat a corn dog until I found out the small ones were $6. There’s just no way in hell I will ever pay $6 for a fried (questionable) hot dog. The gyro was a much better choice.


THEN … we stopped for ice cream after leaving the fair – killing time on the way to the HoLa Festival.


I wasn’t planning to eat another dang thing … but … uhhh … not sure what I was thinking. I wish I hadn’t eaten anything at all earlier and had just eaten something from every booth at the festival.

I ended up sharing some tamales with Jon.


THEN … I saw the most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen. I was drawn in by the messiness of the layers that contrasted completely with these white fluffy puffs that were all over the top. I brought a piece home with me since I’d just had ice cream not even 2 hours earlier … but it lasted 10 minutes once we got home. Oh. My. GOD.

The picture does it zero justice. Like I said – I brought it home with me, carried it through the rain, smashed it, etc. They had the italian meringue looking like perfect (huge) hershey’s kisses on top – didn’t last once I got it.

The man told me it’s one of the most common desserts in Argentina. Here’s a link to a recipe I found via a random google search: Rogel de Dulce de Leche

I might be willing to learn how to make it despite how dangerous that could be.

I am NOT eating anything else today.

It was all worth it. We had a fun day. I don’t feel stuffed, but I definitely feel as if I’ve had enough sugar. Splitting everything helps us stay on track somewhat, so I don’t overly worry.

I’m not a huge fan of fairs – the standing around we did while the kids rode rides was interesting in a people-watching way, I suppose. The HoLa festival, though, was lots of fun. We’ll definitely be doing that again next year. And I won’t eat before I go. And I’ll have a camera better than my damn blackberry.