Oh. My. GOD. I am so tired.

I woke up around 5AM, actually forced myself out of bed around 5:30AM and was in my car by 5:45AM. I had my session with the trainer, came home, showered/dressed and then headed straight to school. Spent the day occupied by school, had a meeting after the classes, came home just long enough to change and then headed straight back out. Finally home for good at 7:45PM.

It would’ve been SO easy for me to blow off pilates tonight. Jon was at a kid function, I was tired and I came home to discover A) both of our mat’s were in Jon’s car and B) I had no cash. I NEEDED that class, though, so I decided to suffer without a mat (though didn’t have to since my sweet trainer/pilates instructor gave me her mat) … and I paid for the class with change. Yes, change. I needed it that badly.

I know the people in the class think I’m a total bitch, but I just love that I can go and ignore everyone and can stop thinking and can just process the day … and wear my body out to match my mind.

Breakfast this morning was typical, but slightly different – yogurt/blueberries/banana and egg salad. I intended to eat the egg as it was (plain), but I felt tired of plain eggs.

Lunch was a salad – spinach, red onion, feta cheese, cucumber, chicken, walnuts.

And a peach.

And pistachios.

I was too tired to deal with dinner. I was craving carbs (very specifically, I wanted cereal with very cold milk) … so I knew stopping somewhere would be a bad idea … so … I ate just an orange and some olives.

I feel like right now would be a good time to have ice cream. I can’t think of anything more perfect. Not the day for that, but damn. It should be.

I will sleep well tonight.