I’m having issues today.

#1) I haven’t worked out a new workout routine. I’m meeting with the trainer twice a week … and I’ve been going to pilates (except this week) … but no cardio. It’s bugging me, but I’m just tired and/or busy ALL. THE. TIME. (it seems). I thought I just needed to rework my priorities, but it turns out there are some things higher on the list now. Disappointing.

#2) I am pissed that I’m not progressing easily toward my weight loss goal. I have 24 pounds to lose (as of today) by the end of the year to meet my self-imposed goal. Still possible, but not looking probable.

#3) Someone once asked if I was planning to be a professional student. Ha, I said. HA! In addition to that being ridiculous, I am SO READY to be done and back at work like a normal person.

#4) My house goes to hell each week and it drives me INSANE. I haven’t developed a new routine during the few weeks since the crazy busy new schedule started and I’m feeling antsy about it. We start the week strong with a spotless house and it degenerates rapidly until I’m ready to burn the place down and start over by Thursday night. The dishes aren’t getting done, the laundry is piling up, the floors need to be swept, etc. Realistically, it’s not too bad. The dishes never stay in the sink longer than a day and the laundry never overflows the smallish basket we have. I am a tad obsessive, I know … not a big deal … usually.

I am really having to battle the urge to eat out/eat junk each meal. I woke up this morning at some insane time (approx 4:30AM) and contemplated giving up making breakfast and lunch in lieu of McD’s (even though I can’t remember the last time I’ve had or desired that kind of thing). I came home today and almost talked Jon out of cooking.

Life is feeling out of control, so why not spiral all the way on down?

The crazy food shit is coming back and it’s because I’m busy and stressed and just … I don’t know … I start to want to cope by sitting in a booth eating a bunch of comfort food that’s brought to me and cleaned up by someone else and enjoyed outside of the (admittedly limited) chaos of my house.

I am resisting … so far.

Breakfast = fruit/yogurt. No eggs because I was busy and didn’t want to deal with it.

I packed a standard lunch.

Jon came home and cooked dinner – coconut shrimp and asparagus. I’m pretty sure he initially saw the coconut shrimp at MDA, but I don’t think he used a recipe.

He coated the shrimp with almond flour, coated with egg and then coated with unsweetened coconut before frying in coconut oil.

He mentioned that the post he saw listed a recipe for a mayo based dip of some kind, but he didn’t feel like taking the time to deal with making homemade mayo. I dipped some of mine in spicy mustard, but he didn’t use anything. Honestly – they were fabulous without a sauce of any kind. Seemed fairly easy to make, too, although I just stood around and watched and talked to him, of course.

Tomorrow is another day, right? I guess I should be glad I’m still looking forward to new ones.