I slept until 9AM today – woke up only because Jon woke me up (he had been up for several hours and was hungry). I think I really needed some decent sleep and a lazy morning after the crazy few days we’ve had.

Breakfast was typical.

We were busy most of the morning, so we didn’t have a large lunch. I ate just an apple with some almond butter.

I’m not happy about my normal fruit going out of season, but I’m trying to learn to love apples.

Dinner was fabulous, as usual – a roast with potatoes, carrots and onions and fried okra.

It didn’t seem complicated (just watched, though). Jon coated it with some salt, pepper, garlic, a little bit of almond flour, etc. before browning it and adding the rest of the stuff.

The final result:

The BEST freakin’ part – and the part I was prepared to hate = the fried okra (thanks to a bunch of okra sent home with us from Jon’s mom’s garden).

He used almond flour and coconut oil (also used for browning the roast).

Chopped, coated with egg, rolled the slices around in a mixture of almond flour and parmesan cheese and then fried them.

The final result:

I threw in some tomato slices (also compliments of Jon’s mom’s garden) …. had to eat dinner on a big plate.

Yum. I can’t believe I was prepared to hate the okra.

Looks like I’m going to go back to tracking at fitday (at least sporadically) and am planning to try a little harder. I lose … and I maintain easily … I’m just not losing quickly enough. I’m ready to be DONE.

So ready.