It’s 11:45 PM (!) …. Jon just walked in the door with a pizza.

Long day.

We left Atlanta mid-morning and drove home, had maybe two hours at home, left again to go to boomsday, just got home.

Breakfast happened at Jon’s mom’s house again.

Lunch happened on the way home around 2PM. We stopped at our favorite Chinese take-out place and picked up some stuff to bring home with us – salt/pepper shrimp and egg drop soup.

I ate a small cup of ice cream at the boomsday thing – maybe 1/4 cup? It was a sample sized container of vanilla that was given out free. That was it.

I had no plans to eat again tonight, but I caved. The pizza was picked up for Jon and his child #3 – I specifically said I wasn’t going to eat any – but I’m weak. It’s cheese, not my favorite … not really even sure why I’m eating it. I’m fairly hungry, but I could easily just go to sleep.

(Note the small glimpse of the 10 year old (seriously) – 2 sizes too large – pink pajamas pants that are covered with some kind of game pieces and dice and phrases like “you snooze, you lose” that were given to me by one of my brothers after he wore them as part of a costume – Jon’s a lucky man, huh?)

We walked all over creation tonight – my foot is throbbing. Will definitely be icing it before bed.

I am doing NOTHING tomorrow.