I’ve discovered this brilliant concept that seems to have perked me right up … uhh … the use of VITAMINS.

I’m not sure why I always forget, but I do. I start feeling crappy on a pretty consistent basis, then I start feeling sluggish and tired all the time, then the bruises start. I swear it takes finding multiple unexplainable bruises for it to dawn on me that’s it’s been a pretty long time since I’ve taken vitamins.

I’ve always had an issue with low iron, so iron (at least) should be a regular thing … but it’s just not. I’ve been taking them consistently since the weekend and (not) surprisingly, I feel great today. I really need to work on making sure they are a part of my normal routine. The issue? They kill my stomach. I have to take them after food … preferably at night … and I just forget.

Breakfast was typical.

Lunch was typical. (Packed in the dark.)

I ate a piece of candy that was given to me even though I just wikipedia’d the Twilight series and didn’t actually read the books despite the peer pressure and disbelief that someone would do that. Lots of fan at school. I’m almost thinking an intervention might be needed.

I came home and ate 1/2 a leftover pork chop.

Dinner was cooked by Jon – squash, turkey sausage, peas, yellow & red peppers, rosemary, olive oil and parm cheese. Do I even have to say this was delicious? Absolutely.

I had a session with the trainer at 6AM and had pilates at 6:30PM – classes (or otherwise occupied at school) all day in between. Going to be sore tomorrow.

I think I just might survive this semester.