Today has been a completely awesome day. We slept late, ate a late breakfast, got a bunch of stuff done around here (home), grocery shopped, had a fabulous dinner, watched a movie and are now catching up on dvr’d Jon Stewart’s from last week.

Breakfast happened around 9 or 10. Same as always. 2 scrambled (in butter) eggs with onions, mushrooms and parm cheese … and yogurt/fruit.

We didn’t have lunch since we were busy, but I ate a snack around 3. Babybel, walnuts and a pickle.

I did a little prep for next week when we got home from the grocery store – chopped some cucumbers and peppers, etc. Jon also made a few turkey burger patties to freeze to have on hand for busy nights. Planning ahead has been SO helpful for me (us). The best way for me to prevent eating easy, crappy options is to have easier, healthier options at home waiting to be used. I have been religious about chopping/peeling/washing everything as soon as it comes in the door – and storing it all for easy access. It has definitely paid off.

Jon cooked a fabulous quick dinner, of course. I’m pretty sure I’ve posted it before. Shrimp, peppers, mushrooms, basil, onion, coconut milk, green curry paste and a little bit of fish sauce.

Activity/Exercise = Couple hours outside – mowed the front and back yards, swept the sidewalks and pruned stuff.

It seems as if I’ve had plenty of food today, but here’s the fitday (estimated) breakdown:

1,280 calories is a little too low for me, but I’m feeling ok … so I’m going with it. I WAY more than made up for it yesterday with the chips.

(I realized as I was about to post that I forgot to add the green curry paste and the fish sauce to fitday. I’m thinking the calories/protein/fat/carbs I consumed from both were negligible … too lazy to get up and check.)

Tomorrow – it’s BACON. (Anybody else see that beggin’ strips commercial and get as excited as the dang dog at the thought of bacon? Just me?) I’m probably a little too excited, but I LOVE IT. I hate that it stinks the house up, so I usually only eat it when we’re out somewhere … but we’re going to try it in the oven to see if it’s less invasive. Can’t wait.