I survived my first day at the new job, but I’m exhausted tonight. I feel like I’m getting sick … almost feel like I might have a fever tonight … but that would be unacceptable. Impossible. Who gets sick the week a new job AND classes start? NOT. ME.

I couldn’t eat breakfast this morning d/t the new job and the stress that goes along with that, but I threw together some yogurt/fruit to eat in the car on the way – except I forgot about it in my haste to get out the door and left it sitting in the refrigerator.

So … I ate the hard boiled egg that I had packed for lunch while I drove. For lunch, I just had the salad (lettuce, tomatoes, radish, walnuts, olives and 1/2 T oil and vinegar) and the babybel – brought the apple sauce back home with me.

I was hungry when I got home, so I ate the yogurt/fruit that was waiting on me … and some nuts.

Jon made the absolute BEST dinner tonight. He’s been talking about making alfredoish sauce to eat with vegetables, but I’ve been kinda horrified by that. I tried to talk him out of it – and even tried to talk him into just having some damn whole wheat noodles (the only proper carrier of alfredo sauce, in my (former) opinion) – but he did it anyway.

HO – LY SHIT. It was lick-the-plate fantastic.

The sauce started as about 2T flour, 2T butter and about a pint of half and half. He says you make a roux, but I don’t even know what the hell that is. It got hot.

Then he added parmesan cheese and garlic and pepper.

Then the fresh basil.

At the same time, I was stirring a pot of (VERY) spicy italian sausage, red and yellow peppers and mushrooms.

Once that was done, he added the alfredo sauce.

This is the part I really balked at – eating it with steamed asparagus instead of noodles.

Turns out I was wrong. Really, SO GOOD. Seemed pretty simple, too. (All I did was stir and talk his ear off, though.)

I’m just not feeling like exercising tonight – so I’m not going to. The past couple of months have been crazy with traveling and weird schedules and all that. I’m ready to have a routine back. I feel a little lost without a routine and I see my will to make an effort slipping. I am still meeting with the trainer twice a week and I’ve been trying to make it to at least one pilates class per week, but I need more. I’m tired and grumpy and somewhat depressed and it’s because I’ve let some priorities shift and haven’t been making time for cardio. I miss it. I need it, for sure – for my sanity.

My estimated calories are a little high today because of dinner, but not outrageously so – 2,341. 178g fat, 98g carbs, 102g protein.