I woke up this morning to emails and texts and facebook messages … then had cards in the mail … and calls from various family members. I think it’s safe to say I feel QUITE loved today (my birthday). It’s a nice feeling. Also nice to wake up to? A completely free day to fill as I wanted – probably the last until December.

Breakfast was the same as always – minus the walnuts with the yogurt this time since I thought it might be wise to save a few calories wherever possible.

Lunch was typical, also. Jon roasted a chicken last night, so I threw some of that on top – and added a few mixed nuts, too.

I spent the morning preparing for tomorrow (first day at a new field placement/”work”) and Thursday (first day of classes). I also had to wrap up some stuff for the field placement I just ended. After that (and lunch), I was exhausted for some weird reason … so I took a nap. A TWO HOUR nap. I almost never take naps. Definitely not two hour naps.

We had plans to go out to dinner tonight. Italian food is one of those things that I’ve been completely avoiding since I invariably eat too much and wind up sick. I LOVE it, though, so tonight was the night.

We went and sat in the parking lot of my favorite local place, but it was crowded and I was still strangely tired … and Jon was sore (from crossfit) and tired. Neither of us felt excited or overly happy to be there, so we left. We didn’t want to waste the money/time/experience on a night when we weren’t really feeling it … so we wound up picking up Chinese take-out instead and eating at home in front of the tv.

Jon and I split a piece of cake (that was purchased as a slice, not a whole cake (DEFINITELY the way to go for us), at Earth Fare last night).

We skipped pilates, so I’ve had no exercise. I’m not feeling like dealing with fitday, either.

I think I’m slipping quickly into a food/carb coma.

Good day. Maybe next year I won’t use my birthday as an excuse to eat junk AT ALL. Or maybe not. Who knows?

It’s been a good year.