I am feeling incredibly lazy today. I need to workout, but I’m never motivated when I’m away from home, busy and having fun doing other things.

I have ZERO excuse and I know it. Jon did a quick workout this morning in his mom’s kitchen while I watched, nagged him to smile and ate my eggs.

He’s used to having to do stuff in hotels/on the road, so it’s not a big deal to him (he travels with a jump rope in his suitcase, for chrissake) – for me, I’m all lazy all the time when I’m away from home. I need to work on this, definitely.

We had a fun lunch with everyone – carnitas. I ate two corn tortillas and a few chips – and more cake (that’s technically for my birthday, so I just had to) (in addition to the pork, homemade guacamole, cheese, etc.) Feeling stuffed full of crap/carbs again and have been scrounging through cabinets looking for tums. It was all GOOD, though.

There’s a reason we’re here – Jon’s mom is a huge Paul McCartney fan, so she took Jon and his two brothers to see PM @ Piedmont Park. Jon wasn’t too happy about insistence that he wear sunscreen, but I’m sure they’re having fun.

I’m at home (his mom’s home) sitting on the couch watching tv. There’s a kettlebell in my sight, so we’ll see if I get my lazy self off the couch and do something with it.

I’m doubting I’ll eat any dinner since I had such a huge lunch. There’s cake taunting me from the kitchen, but I keep telling myself it’s JUST. NOT. WORTH. IT. (except I know it totally is.)

Tomorrow – fasting, if I can take it.