Today was my last day at my current field placement (work). I hate goodbyes and all that emotional shit. I’m not good at it. I cry sometimes when my dog looks at me cutely (and nobody’s around). Ending a pretty great work situation? Guaranteed headache from emotion suppression.

Fortunately – or NOT – Jon was in the midst of a flight crisis, so I had a bunch of texts from him to distract me as I was leaving. His first flight was delayed, OF COURSE, so he was going to miss his connection home. Tried to work around it – had to stay another night and wait on a flight tomorrow (Friday) morning, though.

Totally effed up our weekend plans – which were supposed to start tomorrow (Friday) morning – so we made alternate plans and I rushed home, packed, cleaned the house up a little and headed to Atlanta (approx 3 hour drive). I got here around 10 PM – completely exhausted.

My breakfast this morning = eggs, yogurt/fruit.

My packed lunch = salad again w/a T oil and vinegar and some mixed nuts.

And some peach slices.

Dinner was a problem since I was trying to get out the door in a hurry. I had absolutely nothing on hand at home and had no idea what to do since I couldn’t actually get out of my car and go IN anywhere d/t Henry and the heat.

I settled on an Arby’s salad that was actually pretty decent. For some freak reason, I thought I’d be able to eat it and DRIVE. Had to pull over and sit in a sketchy parking lot.

I brought some nuts, a nectarine and water with me.

I’m starting to wonder how I ever existed on fast food. Everything about it turned me off today. Waiting in line in my car, rude employees, questionable food … It’s just not appealing. I swear I would’ve never believed it if someone had told me I’d feel this way someday. Jon will never let me live this down since I used to claim all kinds of love for fast food, but I’m just not interested anymore – at all. Very strange.

I haven’t exercised at all and I’m not going to. Not dealing with fitday, either. Too tired.

I’m picking Jon up at the ATL airport in the morning. Can’t wait. I miss him.