Long day.

Breakfast = 1/4 cup yogurt, 3 strawberries, some blueberries and an ounce or so of walnuts – to go.

My packed lunch = salad w/a chicken breast (leftover from a couple nights ago), 1 or so T of olive oil/vinegar combo and some mixed nuts. I threw in a babybel on the way out the door because I thought I might eat it mid-morning, but I didn’t. Ate it mid-afternoon instead.

Dinner = leftover sausage and peppers and some asparagus I didn’t eat. The steamer thing was in the dishwasher (being washed), so it was a toss up between microwaving the asparagus and cooking it in a pan – neither of which I’d ever done. I’m a freak re: vegetables and can’t stand to have anything on them – no butter, no oil, etc. unless they’re cooked in/with something (like the peppers w/the sausage). We steam everything and eat it plain/uncovered – maybe a little s&p. ANYWAY – point is, I decided to cook the asparagus in a pan with a little butter. Not sure what the hell I was thinking or why the butter seemed so strong and awful since I’m fine with it otherwise … one bite had me gagging. I hate wasting food, but damn. No way.

Dessert = a peach.

The snack I just finished eating = pepperjack cheese and a pickle.

1,932 calories, 147g fat, 80g carbs, 82g protein.

Exercise/Activity = stretching. 3 strength training sessions and one intense pilates class in two days hasn’t left me sore – surprisingly – but I feel achy.

I keep forgetting a Very Important thing that happened – well, two Very Important things, actually.

(1) I bought a size 14 pair of jeans on Sunday. I very honestly can’t remember a time I’ve worn a 14. Maybe HS, but definitely not later than that. I was a little afraid to try them on because I didn’t want to deal with the BS if they didn’t fit – but they did. So I bought them. Size is definitely not THAT important to me – and I mostly haven’t thought about it since that day – but I won’t lie – it was nice to see a change since the scale moves so. slowly.now. I was wearing a 22/24 when I started losing weight/getting fit/becoming healthier.

(2) I can wear some pajama pants I bought at Target on clearance for $2 or some other ridiculously low amount – can’t exactly recall WHY I bought them since they didn’t fit OR when I bought them – prior to the holidays at least … I remember thinking about taking them to NYC @ Christmas. At Christmas? Couldn’t get them over my hips. Sunday? Too big. Again – clothes are not my motivator – but I needed to see something happening.

I think I first heard about non-scale victories @ MizFit’s blog, but I searched and can’t find anything, so … not sure … I heard about it somewhere. As someone starting out with a large amount of weight to lose, I kind of thought it was BS. Now? They’re important. Now? I can let go of scale angst.

There is a LARGE difference between someone needing to lose 100 pounds and someone needing to lose 30 pounds (ha, but seriously). Scale victories are the only that mattered to me at first – and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I can move on now.

The part of the whole thing I’m most happy about – I didn’t reward myself with food when I saw success. It just didn’t enter my mind – no talking myself out of it, no bargaining, no “I deserve it.” Nothing. That has got to be the most profound non-scale victory I’ve had. Ever.