I woke up before the crack of dawn this morning for no explainable reason. The one morning I have nowhere to go and nothing to immediately do, of course. I went ahead and ate something since my session with the trainer wouldn’t be happening for a few hours. (1/4 cup yogurt w/3 strawberries, about a handful of blueberries and maybe an ounce and a half of walnuts)

Lunch was a typical salad with a chopped up chicken breast (made extra last night) and 1 T olive oil/vinegar combo. And a pickle.

I ate a few celery sticks with natural PB (and one plain) … and another pickle … sometime mid-afternoon.

I was on my own again for dinner … unfortunately … so I waited until I was done with pilates. I threw some red onion, green pepper, orange pepper, yellow squash and smoked sausage into a skillet and stirred it a little and ate it. I wasn’t overly happy about eating so late – 9PM – but that’s how it worked out.

Exercise/Activity = 1 hour with the trainer this morning and pilates tonight.

2,046 calories, 160g fat, 74g carbs, 80g protein.

I’m feeling a little pissy tonight because I just discovered that my small point and shoot camera is broken. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing with the other one (DSLR) and I haven’t had time/inclination to really figure it out, so this is bad news. I just take pictures – I’m not a photographer. Lately, though, I’m wanting more control and I don’t know how and it PISSES ME OFF. I need a class or something – except not. I need a crash course.

Or I need to stop worrying about it and go to sleep. Up early after sleeping horribly + 2 hours of exercise + husband in CANADA (meaning international cell coverage, which seems RIDICULOUS) + car malfunction (panic honking thing on the key thing broke, I guess, and wouldn’t stop the honking – even though I never touched the GD button. yeah, it was as embarrassing as it sounds.) + broken camera = cranky times.