So, I’ve racked up FAIL #2 and have completely blown the blog/pictures every day portion of the challenge I created.

Oh, well. Definitely not the end of the world.

I got sidetracked last night and never got around posting yesterday, but I DID take pictures with good intentions. The day was sort of hectic – it started with us sleeping late (for us), then eating breakfast, then driving, shopping … lots of talking, no lunch, dinner cooked by Jon and then … I don’t know .. before I knew it we were falling asleep on the couch. It was fun, but it flew by.

Yesterday’s breakfast = a standard omelet and potatoes for both of us at a small restaurant somewhere in NC – and something called livermush that Jon wanted to try. We had no idea what it was and I wasn’t overly interested in trying anything with liver as part of the name. Liver + MUSH? Nothing about that sounds good, right? The shape/appearance/dog foodishness turned me off completely … I sniffed it but didn’t taste it.

Turns out it’s a Southern United States foodstuff composed of pig liver, head parts, and cornmeal. Further info – It is commonly prepared by cutting a slice off of a prepared loaf and frying it with grease in a skillet until golden brown, much like you would Spam.

Think I would’ve been just fine having never discovered this. I’m thinking Jon probably feels the same way since he ate one bite.

We skipped lunch since we were busy and just had an early dinner. Roasted squash, jarred sauce with mushrooms, onions, and other stuff added to spruce it up, a chicken breast (meat pulled and shredded and mixed in with my sauce) and some parm cheese on top:

We didn’t do any proper exercise and I didn’t bother with fitday.

Today has been ok. I woke up hungry, so I ate something small on the way to the trainer’s house:

Big mistake. I felt sick for a couple of hours after working out over THAT. I guess I should’ve known better, but I was hungry.

I ate a couple of scrambled (in butter) eggs with green onions and pepperjack cheese around 12:30PM:

I ate again around 3PM – a salad just like all the others I eat – and COMPLETELY spaced on taking a picture. I didn’t remember until I was taking my very last bite.

I was invited to a 30 minute express sculpt class at a friend’s gym, so I went to that at 5:30PM before coming home and eating again around 7PM. My simple dinner = a chicken breast cooked w/olive oil and dried basil and some steamed asparagus:

My snacks tonight = a pickle and a nectarine:

Odd combination, I know. I freakin’ LOVE pickles. I wish I was motivated enough to learn how to make them myself … but … who am I kidding?

Exercise/Activity = 1 hour with the trainer and a 30 minute express sculpt class.

Calories = 1,508, fat = 106g, carbs = 52g, protein = 97g.

I’m sleepy.