We woke up pretty early this morning and decided sometime mid-breakfast to go on a short road trip. We have the weekend free of obligations … so … why not?

The breakfast we were eating (prepared by Jon) = eggs scrambled with spinach, onions and asparagus and (Jon’s homemade) yogurt with 1/2 a mashed up banana mixed in … and some blueberries and walnuts thrown on top. (Tastes almost just like banana bread.)

We found a pet friendly hotel that required few points, cleaned the house, did a few loads of laundry, packed and were out the door by 11:45 AM.

We picked up some snacks about 2 hours in because I was STARVING despite the fasting that was supposed to be going on. We hadn’t packed any food and hadn’t planned to eat on the way … had to stop at a gas station. I am not cut out for planned starvation.

We decided to have a picnic in the hotel room for dinner vs. going out, so we picked up a few things at a nearby grocery store. Steam-in-the-bag broccoli, asiago cheese, ham, pears, a peach and olives.

Only problem is the whole room reeks of broccoli now.

I ate about 2 wedges.

And this whole peach despite it not being very mushy.

2 or 3 olives.

I don’t generally drink alcohol at all … but …

I haven’t done fitday calculations, but I feel very sure this is all < 1850 calories and < 100g carbs. Exercise/activity? Not so much today. Yesterday? Didn't post because I was busy/tired. Fully aware I've racked up one FAIL for the challenge.

We're having fun. I have no idea where we are – somewhere in NC, near Charlotte.