Oh. My. GOD. do I hate to cook. I had one of those stand-in-front-of-the-open-refrigerator moments a little earlier and had to force myself to refrain from making scrambled eggs for dinner for the millionth time. I just hate it. I hate thinking about it, I hate doing it, I hate cleaning up afterward. I’m going on day 3 of cooking for myself and I’m trying to make a slight effort because otherwise? I’d eat nothing but cheese all day.

It’s really pathetic, and I know very well that this is such a shitty thing to complain about with half the world starving – but it is what it is – privileged laziness with some spoiledness thrown in for good measure. One redemption – I DO clean every time Jon cooks and I’m perfectly happy to do it.

Breakfast this morning was 1/4 cup yogurt, a few raspberries, a strawberry, some blueberries, a banana and about an ounce of walnuts.

I was starving to the point of nausea, but had no time – OF COURSE – so I attempted to cook some eggs in the microwave, too.

I can sometimes pull off an edible portion of scrambled eggs by microwaving. Today? Big mistake.

I could stomach just a few bites.

I packed a quick lunch – same salad with turkey I had yesterday. I threw in some applesauce, too.

Dinner almost just didn’t happen at all because of the previously mentioned hatred. I found a frozen (homemade) hamburger in the freezer (not sure how these things keep appearing – I think I’m just damn lucky to have a husband who likes to cook and who thinks ahead) and cooked it with onion and mushrooms … added spicy mustard to the top. (I cleaned the hamburger and the onion/mushrooms and removed as much grease as possible. I just have to.) I made a very simple salad, too – spinach, red onion, pepperjack cheese, walnuts and approx 1 and a half T rosemary lemon dressing (because I poured too quickly).

I love the walnuts + cheese + red onion combo. I really could’ve just skipped the spinach altogether.

My exercise/activity for today = stretching. Total cop out, I know, but I have to make a sincere effort to stretch since I really think it’s mostly boring BS. I am incredibly sore today, though, as expected. Whatever the muscle is that’s at the back of my legs – hamstrings? Too tender to touch.

I’m thinking about doing a yoga DVD for extra stretching/activity – except not really – I hate yoga, too. I’ve had the DVD for years and have never opened it because it was one of those things I thought I should love since everyone else loves it. Seemed like the Right Thing to Do at the time. I’ve tried different classes and different types. Eh. It’s boring. Might be beneficial, though, if I can work up some willpower to endure the boredom … so … maybe. I’m about 45% percent of the way there.

Calories = 1,902, Fat = 120g, Carbs = 99g, Protein = 122g. Calories are a little too high (unexpectedly) and I just barely squeaked in under the carb limit. This challenge might be harder than I thought.