We’ve rapidly approached the omgschoolisstartinghowamigoingtokeepaffordingthis freak-out portion of the year. It began with the need to purchase a $170 parking tag last week and will likely reach its peak when I start buying books (or more likely NOT start buying because I’ve dropped dead from sticker shock). That NINE percent tuition hike? Over it. Oh – and the brand new $200 program specific fee I was informed about less than a month ago? Suuure … why the hell not?

What this means is I’m spending a lot of time hyperventilating about money and even more time wanting to lean towards cutting money to food – which cuts quality – to alleviate some stress. Bad idea, I know. Don’t get me wrong – I will always call bullshit on claims that all higher quality/healthier food is SO MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE … because it’s just not. BUT … yes, a lot of healthier/higher quality options – especially meat – are more expensive.

It just HAS to be possible to even it out somewhat and not go broke while also not sacrificing quality. I’m thinking a little bit of planning and a few coupons will help. Right? Am I totally misguided?

I’ve decided to add this issue on as a new challenge for the next 30 days. The official goal is to spend as little as possible while sticking to organic, grass-fed, wild-caught and local whenever possible. The actual goal is to cut our food spending in half. We’ll see.

In other news, the trainer weighed me today and the scale showed a 7.2lb loss since last week. I think her scale must be broken. I know I was bloated/heavier from Key West then Memphis then PMS … and I know I feel a difference since being home/back on track … but SEVEN pounds in one week? I’m curious to see what my “official” weight will be this Friday.

In OTHER news, Tess asked in the comments about what I do with the trainer and I said this:

I haven’t written too much about what I do with the trainer, but I think I might start doing that. I haven’t done it for one main reason: I show up, do what she says and leave without thinking about it again. I guess LAZY would be a good way to describe how I go about working with her. I just don’t put much thought into it and/or haven’t actually learned anything – totally my fault.

All that’s true. I am going to try to pay more attention and ask questions, but I just haven’t been motivated to do that much. Fitness was totally foreign to me when I started with her – and this aspect still kind of is – so I’ve sort of just been following her lead and trusting her to take me in the right direction. I mostly have no idea what I’m doing.

Today, for example:

  • something on a stability ball where I laid on my stomach/balanced on it (toes on ground) and then did rows with dumbbells
  • lunges where I twisted and went down really low and put one hand on the ground and one elbow near my ankle
  • dead lifts
  • plain (?) rows
  • lunges w/one foot on the bosu
  • squats on the bosu
  • something she calls mountain climber where I jumped forward with one leg as if climbing up a mountain in a really awkward way
  • stomach on the stability ball, walked out on hands, push-up (w/feet on ball), walked back, repeated over and over
  • sets of plain squats, then push-ups, then plain squats, etc. over and over, back to back
  • something she call froggy.  stomach on stability ball, feet together, knees apart, legs up and down
  • something she calls superman.  stomach on stability ball, opposite arm and leg out – alternating

I know I’ve forgotten some (and it wasn’t done in this order). I do the stuff and then we repeat the list. No two days are alike. She sometimes has me use her cable machine (? don’t know the correct term) … and she often incorporates dumbbells or a bar … and bands … and the stability ball … and the bosu … and an inflated disc of some nature … and a medicine ball. It varies very much, but it’s mostly all body weight stuff.

I didn’t eat “breakfast” until 11AM. I cooked some ground turkey with cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes, red onion and garlic and put that on top of lettuce, 2.5 ounces of pepperjack cheese, bell pepper, 1/2 an avocado, tomatoes, green onions – and I squeezed a lime wedge on top for some added flavor/juice.

I ate again around 4PM since I needed to eat something, but needed it to be light because food + pilates = puke. 1/4 cup yogurt, a few blueberries, a few raspberries, 1 strawberry, an ounce of walnuts and a banana.

I ate again around 8:30 when I got home. I was feeling way too lazy to deal with actually cooking anything – I was legitimately tired. 4 ounces of (previously pulled from the whole roasted) chicken plus about an ounce and a half of pepperjack cheese – microwaved, 1/2 an avocado, a few cherry tomatoes.

Exercise/Activity today: 1 hour with the trainer this morning and pilates tonight.

I’m feeling like I’m probably not going to be able to walk tomorrow.

1,687 calories, 105g fat, 77g carbs, 122g protein.