I’m a big fan of goals. I make lists and I plan ahead and I think about the future just about constantly … EXCEPT when it comes to weight loss.

I am somewhat a perfectionist – and I suck at failure. I had failed so much at weight loss throughout the years that I wasn’t just 100lbs overweight with charts and plans and goals and stickers to reflect my failure(s) … a lot of those lbs had latched on with each failed attempt. I had failure PLUS SOME. Common story.

I was flat out unwilling to commit and try again. So I didn’t, until I did. I distanced myself completely from trying too hard/committing when we decided to try ONE. MORE. TIME., though. I think I said in my intro thing that we made no plans or charts or goals – and that’s true. I track weight now and have a goal weight I’m trying to achieve this year, but I didn’t in the beginning – not until I saw success.

The crazy thing is – it worked. NOT worrying, stressing, charting, planning or challenging myself led to a 76 lb (so far) weight loss.

So … ANYWAY … I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon and do MDA’s 30-day Primal Blueprint Health Challenge.

And I hope it doesn’t totally f me up. I think I’ve reached a point where challenges and setting short-term weight loss/fitness goals aren’t going to be disastrous. I can accept some failure because I’ve got a lot of success to prop me up.

I don’t follow the Primal Blueprint stuff 100%, but of all of the things I’ve tried – it’s the best for me. I feel great, I have tons of energy, cravings are almost non-existent, my moods don’t swing quite so rapidly, it makes sense to me, etc. I’m excited about slightly ramping it up this month.

What this challenge looks like for me for the next 30 days:

  • Keep carbs between 75g – 100g per day.
  • Keep calories fewer than 1850
  • Achieve some sort of exercise/activity every day
  • Blog/post pictures every day
  • Eliminate “cheat meals”  (except one – my birthday – have to have cake, ya know?)
  • No ice cream or other manufactured sweet stuff (except on aforementioned birthday and 1/3 (at most) cup store-bought yogurt per day because I’ve decided I can’t give it up despite what I said)

I have a lot of changes and stress coming this month with classes and a new long-term field placement starting, but I think this is realistic. I thought about setting a number goal re: weight loss, but I just don’t care what the exact number is. I’m tired of that game. I hope it goes down, but that’s about it.

I posted two reminders. One in my office, one on my refrigerator. I guess this means I’m committed.

Day ONE:

Breakfast = 1/3 cup store-bought yogurt, handful blueberries, half a handful raspberries, 2 strawberries and 2 eggs scrambled with butter and green onions.

Lunch = a salad with greens, bell pepper, cucumbers, mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes, green onion, broccoli, radish slices, 1 ounce colby cheese, approx 2 ounces of chicken (previously pulled from a chicken Jon roasted last night) and 1 T olive oil and vinegar.

Dinner = 1 egg scrambled with butter, green onions and mushrooms, 1/2 an avocado and a peach. (Because I was on my own and lazy.)

My snack tonight = Pistachios.

Exercise/Activity = 1 hour with the trainer this morning.

1,554 calories, 112g fat, 86g carbs, 67g protein. Need to work on bringing the calories and protein up without bringing the carbs up, for sure.