It’s very safe to say that Jon and I like yogurt. As a matter of fact, like might be an understatement. We eat it every day.

I still rely pretty heavily on store bought yogurt because I’m prissy about texture (can’t be too loose – the thicker the better) and bitterness (can’t be bitter at all) and sweetness (I like at least some sugar or honey), but Jon exclusively eats his homemade version – which he makes every week.

I took pictures this time.

Ingredients = milk and starter yogurt. He typically saves some yogurt from the previous batch and uses that, but he used store-bought yogurt this time because the previous batch we have on hand is too loose – time to start with new cultures. The heavy cream was just for the hell of it since he had some leftover from the pork tenderloin sauce and wanted to use it up – he’s never used it before.

Link to their blog.

The process goes like this:

He puts the milk (and cream this time) in a big bowl.

Microwaves it for 20 minutes.

Lets it cool for a while.

It starts to form a weird layer on top, but he claims that’s normal.

He periodically checks the temperature and looks for approximately 112 – 116 degrees. Too hot = cultures die, too cold = cultures won’t grow.

At this point, he adds about half a cup of the old (or new, in this case) yogurt.

Then he whisks.


He transfers it for overnight storage. (He uses the crock pot bowl thing.) He doesn’t usually spill it everywhere. That was just for fun.

He puts a lid on it and covers it with blankets. Two of them.

It sits overnight on the dining room table before the grand unveiling.

It’s finally poured into yet another bowl where it’s topped with a cheesecloth and lid and put into the refrigerator to cool.

The whole thing freaks me out a little because I am very nervous about food poisoning and death from rotten milk … but he hasn’t died yet … hasn’t even been sick.

It’s damn good stuff. It’s also cheaper to make it than buy it … very easy … and we can control what goes into it.

I think I’m going to give up my sweet/store bought yogurt this week – cold turkey. Looks like this batch will be thickish, so I think it’s time. I’ll probably add a little honey, but hopefully that’ll be it. I don’t need the sugar. I don’t. Don’t. Need. It.


(Recipe/process courtesy of Jon’s mom, Sue.)