I went to bed sick last night and woke up sick and still feel a little sick from the nachos + half gallon of ice cream (just slight exaggeration) I ate yesterday. I think I have things under control … then I don’t.

It’s a damn good thing I’ve never picked up a crack pipe.

I didn’t eat breakfast this morning because I was feeling sick and cranky. Lunch was a standard salad at Panera Bread. Dinner, however, was FABULOUS.

We picked up a pork tenderloin at a nearby market, so Jon looked around for something different to do with it. He ended up somewhat following a recipe he found.

I had no part of the whole ordeal, but it seemed simple enough.

He cut it:

And pounded it:

And seasoned it with salt/pepper/rosemary:

At the same time, he sauteed mushrooms and spinach in olive oil:

Put it on top:

Added some freshly grated parmesan cheese:

Then rolled it up:

He seared it:

Then cooked (baked ?) it in the oven for 15 minutes …

… before covering it with foil:

The sauce on top?


Plus chicken broth:

Plus rosemary:

Plus a little heavy cream and vinegar:

SO DAMN GOOD. I highly recommend this.

We + kids had salads, too.

And I wasted 40g of my daily allotment of carbs on fucking JUICE. Didn’t check the label and just didn’t think about it. I am constantly amazed at my own stupidity.

Good day. I’m quite the lucky person.