There are days like yesterday when I have my shit together – lunch packed the night before (or at least first thing in the AM), breakfast at home and not rushed, clothes ironed, bed made.

Then there are days like today – wet hair ponytail, breakfast eaten in the car, least wrinkled clothes thrown on … and a puking dog the second before I walked out the door – LATE, of course.

All of that plus some stressful clients/situations have left me tired tonight. I hate feeling unorganized, unprepared and out of control. HATE IT.

(I made the bed this morning, though. There are some things that I just can’t leave the house without doing. You’re welcome for that new portion of the crazy.)

Breakfast was similar to the rest, except I left out walnuts and strawberries for unknown reasons. No eggs this time – jalapeño chicken sausage instead … heated up in the microwave.

My packed lunch was similar to the rest, too. A salad w/roasted garlic salsa, pistachios, babybel cheese and applesauce. I ended up bringing the applesauce back home with me.

Had a snack when I got home from work.

Dinner was up to me again – it was more of the same. Turkey cooked with red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper, garlic and onion on lettuce with tomatoes, salsa, a babybel cut into chunks and half an avocado.

Jon’s going to have to start cooking again. I can’t take all this work.

He texted me tonight and said ‘think I should change my facebook status to say I’m worn out from doing Cindy?’ He’s rational and nice and has kids who monitor facebook pretty closely – otherwise, it would’ve been pretty effin’ funny considering the < polite > conservative < /polite > nature of most of his facebook friends.

And no, I doubt we’ll ever tire of joking about that.

1,321 calories, 71g fat, 99g carbs, 95g protein.