I can NOT wait to go back to work (or technically, to a volunteer field placement I adore) tomorrow … and I’m even more excited about classes starting next month. This is the first summer (and first large chunk of time, in general, really) I haven’t worked full-time, gone to school full-time or done both. I realize I’m very lucky to have had a free summer I’ve been able to fill however I choose – TRUST ME, I do NOT take this for granted – just don’t ever want to do this again. I’m not cut out for the stay-at-home domestic stuff that has accompanied all this free time. No way in hell.

Breakfast this morning was the same as always – except just yogurt/fruit – nothing too heavy. I had a session with the trainer mid-morning and didn’t want to puke.

I started adding the coconut to my yogurt when I realized (last night) I had some in the refrigerator left over from a batch of muesli I made several months ago … what I didn’t realize is that it’s sweetened. I don’t normally consider myself to be stupid, but I swear I just assumed coconut = coconut. Uhhh … apparently not. Should’ve known there’s a reason it tastes so good – and can’t believe I didn’t immediately read the label.

I was feeling exceptionally lazy when lunch rolled around, so I just scrambled a couple of eggs and made a quick salad with 1/2 T oil and vinegar.

I was full after lunch until I walked into the grocery store. There, of course, I was hit with an overwhelming desire to buy everything in sight that was either covered with chocolate, baked with chocolate or even remotely resembled chocolate. I settled on a few chocolate covered toffee almonds because I could buy them in bulk – meaning buy a small (one portion) quantity. I ate most in the car on the way home.

Yes, I care about sweetened coconut but happily throw back chocolate covered toffee almonds on occasion. I never said I’m 100% rational.

I made dinner again tonight. Jalapeño smoked sausage, a red onion, a red pepper, a green pepper, a yellow squash, mushrooms and olive oil all thrown in a pot. About as simple as you can get.

All of my fitday calculations are complete approximations that I input at the end of each day, but today’s is most definitely an approximation. I don’t have any nutritional information for the chocolate almonds and don’t even know how many I ate.

My general goal is to eat as intuitively as possible throughout the day and to hit around 1700 – 1900 calories and 100g (or less) carbs. So far, so good. My calories and carbs are a little high each day, but I’m staying close to the ballpark.

Today – calories = 1,996, fat = 147g, carbs = 106g, protein = 109g.