I woke up this morning before the sun was up and was ready to GO. I was happy, motivated to get some stuff done and feeling 100% better. Who knows what was going on yesterday?

Breakfast = same as always. I am going to be devastated when this fruit is completely out of season. Yes, DEVASTATED. That’s normal, I’m sure.

Lunch = same as always. A quick salad again with just 1/2 a T of oil and vinegar, except I added a little shredded colby cheese and walnuts to this one.

I sometimes think I should mix it up a little, but I’m ok with the consistent meals. They’re fast/easy/predictable/good – really can’t complain about that.

I ate a peach sometime during the afternoon after lunch. I LOVE juicy peaches.

(Ooooh … what I REALLY love is homemade peach ice cream. I might be able to justify that since we received an ice cream attachment for the KitchenAid that we’ve never used … AND peaches won’t be in season forever … )

(I can rationalize anything, I swear.)

We went to the gym this afternoon where I decided to take a picture of myself in the bathroom I thought was unoccupied – for reasons that I still can’t quite recall – except I was bored because Jon was busy swimming and I was done doing what I wanted to do. Turns out getting caught taking pictures of one’s food is nowhere NEARLY as embarrassing as getting caught taking one’s picture in a random public bathroom. Lesson learned.

Jon went swimming (also got up at 6AM and went to the crossfit place – he is SO beating me) while I did 40 minutes of cardio.

Had a small snack when we got home.

Dinner was interesting.

We found this golden beet at Earth Fare and had no idea what to do with it – but what the hell, right?

Jon grilled steaks – and grilled a chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese and asparagus for me (prepared by Earth Fare, not us).

The chicken was wonderful, but the beets? Not so much. I didn’t care for the mustard greens, either – definitely prefer kale. I ate about half of my half of the (roasted) beet and about half of the greens.

We had some time to kill tonight in a different part of town, so we stopped at Target to pick up some goggles for Jon and a snack for me. Can’t beat a $0.22 snack.

1,709 calories, 104g fat, 106g carbs, 98g protein.