I am freakin’ exhausted. I woke up exhausted … at 9AM. I never sleep that late – ever.

Jon made breakfast again – same as always except I requested scrambled eggs vs. fried to shake things up a bit – such a wild and crazy life I lead, huh?

I finally got myself motivated to do something around 11, so I took a shower and we went grocery shopping. I ate a snack on the way.

Here’s Jon’s snack:


I was starving by the time we got back, so I made a big salad – included some smoked/chopped chicken this time – and tomatoes from our garden. I’m finding more and more that dressings aren’t overly appealing to me … so I used about 1/2 T oil and vinegar and was perfectly content with that.

Jon wanted to try out a local crossfit place, so we did that sometime mid-afternoon. I ate a snack on the way because I was starving – again.

I didn’t go in – SLEPT IN THE CAR. How seriously lame is that? He came out sweaty and happy about the workout and I was groggy and feeling like shit – physically and a little guilty, too.

And … I ate a snack when we got home because … starving again.

I don’t know what’s going on. Must be PMS because I swear to GOD I would eat an entire gallon of ice cream if I had it/wasn’t too exhausted to drive to get it/had a husband who would just GO BUY WHAT I WANT.

Yeah. I’m sure he’s loving being home with ME today.

Dinner was absolutely fabulous: Coconut milk, green curry paste, a little bit of chicken broth, green pepper, yellow pepper, onion, mushrooms, fresh basil and shrimp thrown together in a big pot – all of that on top of sliced zucchini strips that were sauteed in coconut oil w/garlic (zucchini idea found here).

I think it took Jon about 20 minutes to make this? Maybe 30 at most. SO GOOD.

I have had way too many calories today – 2,316. 167g fat, 108g carbs and 116g protein.

Our garden is apparently doing ok despite the benign neglect that’s occurring.

We have tomatoes.

And cucumbers.

This is pretty exciting since I’ve never grown food in the ground before – just in pots. Also? See the weeds? I seriously don’t do anything and it just grows – seemingly a miracle.