Ok. Home, 1000 miles from the sadness, back with my boys, back to normal programming.

Jon took a few days off this week, so he was home for breakfast – which he made – 2 fried eggs, yogurt/fruit/walnuts.

Afterward, we took Henry for a walk around the neighborhood and stopped at the park near our house. I’ve been wanting to try out a playground workout since seeing fitislandgirl’s video … so we gave it a short shot. Well … Jon gave it a shot – jumping onto benches, doing a few lunges, running up the short stairs and doing some pull-ups.

I don’t think we’ll be giving up our regular exercise, but it was fun and is a great way to break up walks … or good to do if just randomly at a park. Better than just sitting around, for sure.

Also, I am DETERMINED to do a pull-up. Can’t quite fully make it yet.

Henry was tired just watching.

Jon picked up some smoked/chopped chicken … so that was lunch. He steamed some green beans, sauteed swiss chard and added half a sweet potato for each of us.

We went to the gym shortly after eating lunch … think that was a mistake. I did about 30 minutes of cardio before my stomach started killing me. Either I worked out too soon after lunch or my stomach is still revolting from a week of junk … not sure, but it sucked.

Dinner was light since my stomach was still hurting – a big salad with lots of stuff and 1T Rosemary Lemon dressing. Perfect.

Had to have a (not so) slight sugar fix tonight.

Calories = 1,956, fat = 127g, carbs = 113g, protein = 92g.

I have had a FABULOUS day. I love that Jon is home – we have lots of fun together.

I’m happy to be home.