Still having fun. Still unpacking. Feeling homesick. Miss my boys.

I had a couple scrambled eggs this morning but skipped the yogurt/fruit since my stomach was still a little queasy from last night’s dinner/overeating.

Lunch = a Cuban sandwich and the first lunch that didn’t come in a box/plastic – FINALLY. I was surprised to find lettuce and tomato on the sandwich and didn’t really care for that since I expected meat, mustard, cheese and pickles – but I guess I should’ve looked closely at the menu before ordering.

(I swear I’m turning into the crankiest eater and seriously contemplated how I (or, you know – realistically, JON) could’ve made the sandwich better – not sure what’s happening to me.)

I had no idea what this thing was, but it came with one of the sandwiches … so I tried it. A little bit of googling reveals it was likely a ham croquette.

We made a few stops and did some touristy stuff for a while. It was nice to be out of the house and away from boxes, but it is HOT here. Seriously hot. I am not really a sit-on-the-beach-all-day person … I burn just about instantly/can’t use sunscreen and I don’t really like to sit around sweating/getting dirty/feeling bored – but I like to look.

We stopped at the Blond Giraffe Key Lime Pie Factory for some pie sometime mid-afternoon. It was good, but the entire experience was negative. EXTREMELY poor customer service (that almost prompted me to not even buy the piece of pie) + listening to an employee complain + watching her treat other customers rudely while huffing and puffing all over the place = unpleasant experience. I don’t expect anyone to treat me like royalty, but I damn sure don’t expect to be treated with open hostility when I’m PAYING FOR a good/service. Fuck that.


My mom, who is easy to blame for my lack of self control/willpower since she refuses to read this blog saying she’s busy or some such nonsense …

… brought these coconut m&m’s into my presence.

I think I’m experiencing sugar shock. I need to go home just to get out of this land of cookies, candy and pie. I only have SO MUCH willpower. Damn.

I made dinner tonight. Chopped up turkey breast thrown on a salad. Just my style – fast/easy/fresh/good.