I had the most DISGUSTING lunch today that I think I’ve ever had. We had fast food again since we were busy and didn’t have easy access to the kitchen/dishes/etc. I am not really familiar with the Wendy’s salad menu and wasn’t actually AT Wendy’s, so I picked (via telephone) a salad that sounded ok.

Started ok, if kinda greasy (in a bad way). Didn’t eat the tortilla strips that came with it – just wanted the chili/lettuce/cheese.

I noticed some water as I started eating – and discovered 95% of the (gross, anyway) lettuce was floating in it.

Is this normal?

I felt cheated (so rational, I know), so I ate a chocolate chip cookie … that eventually turned into about 7 chocolate chip cookies over the course of the day. Not even homemade or chewy – my usual requirements – but whatever.

Dinner came in a box again. I voted for Mexican, so we ordered via telephone and picked it up. Turned out to be $60 for 3 of us. I appreciate good/quality food and I’m willing to pay for it, but SIXTY dollars for 3 entrees of food that I buy all the effin’ time other places for maybe $30? This stuff was comparable – no better.


The cheese was good (better than usual), though.

I’m not sure what happened to the expected blips I made claims about before I got down here. We’re eating all of our meals during small breaks and we’re spending zero time preparing/cleaning/thinking about it, so it’s hard. I’m working with what I’ve got and I’m making good choices most of the time, I hope.

I’m not bothering with fitday. Too tired. I know my carbs are too high – cookies and chips today – and the protein probably isn’t high enough. Haven’t had any actual exercise, either, but I am DAMN sure not discounting all of the lifting, cleaning, unpacking, and general work I’ve done all day.

I’m exhausted.