Yesterday, AKA the day I witnessed my mom freak the F out as movers moved a house full of huge furniture into a townhouse half the size of her soon-to-be previous house and I had no internet (other than my phone) – is over – thank GOD.

Today, AKA the day we’re unpacking/organizing/cleaning/decorating BUT I FINALLY have internet access – is much better.

I’m in Key West, but haven’t seen a dang thing but movers, boxes and fast food restaurants. I’m hoping we get the bulk of the stuff done today so we can spend the weekend doing something other than unpacking.

I’ve been eating mostly ok. I flew in late Wednesday night and had to get up very early yesterday morning to meet the movers at my mom’s new place, so breakfast had to be fast.

I ordered a “big breakfast” and split it with my mom, who ate the pancakes. I almost launched into insufferable bitch mode and lectured about the carbs, but I know better. Good thing, too, since I’ve eaten about 6 chocolate chip cookies today.

The view was nice. (I was not willing to take multiple pictures to get it straight with everyone staring at me – but it bugs me. I have issues.)

Lunch was a subway salad with just a tiny bit of oil and vinegar and some fresh fruit picked up at a grocery store. I was starving by the time we picked this lunch up, so it took every ounce of willpower I could find to forgo the bread. It smelled SO good.

Dinner was … FABULOUS. It was just what I needed after a really long (stressful) day of boxes, dust, chaos and heavy lifting.

Unfortunately, the fabulous wore off pretty quickly and the physically miserable part kicked in. I was yawning and sleepy within minutes. I swear it hit me like a ton of bricks and ruined my night. WHEN WILL I LEARN? I love this stuff – and I keep trying – but it’s just not meant to be. I very honestly am never going to be a person who eats for fuel/nutrition only and I recognize that … and I’m ok with it. That said – I HAVE to start choosing better options.

We stopped at a grocery store last night and I picked up my breakfast stuff. Had to unpack some boxes this morning to find silverware and a pan – never found a bowl – but it was worth it. I like familiarity and I like my breakfast stuff.

It’s hot as hell down here – and I feel very weird seeing all of my mom’s stuff here/confronting the fact that she MOVED here – otherwise, I’m having fun. I miss Jon and Henry, but I’ll survive.