I am VERY happy to be home.

Jon had been working in the Detroit area throughout last week, so we decided – kinda spontaneously – that it would be fun for me to meet him up there and hang out for the weekend. It was fun, for sure, but I think I let it go a little too far with the food. I don’t really care that I didn’t practice much moderation – it was ONE weekend – but I am definitely glad to be back at home, back to my “normal” food and back to my “normal” schedule. I love sugar/carbs/junk, but I hate the stuffed, bloated, sleepy feeling that comes from eating too much of it. It really has little to do with weight loss – I know I’ll eventually lose – and has everything to do with how it all makes me (physically) feel.

I’m traveling again this week – leave Wednesday. My goal? Expected blips only. I will eat a Cuban sandwich and I will eat key lime pie (Key West – it’s the law). Maybe 2 Cuban sandwiches. Hopefully not a whole pie. Otherwise … it’s just not worth it to deviate too much from my normal routine.

It has been suggested by a few people that maybe what I ate (and what I will likely eat later this week) does not = “junk.” They’re right, of course. I ate (and will eat) highish quality stuff – local/fun food – and not a ton of it at any given time. I am a black/white thinker re: some things, though. My regular/normal food = good. Anything else? Junk. Yeah. Need to work on that.

I had a session with the trainer early this morning, so I didn’t eat until around 10:30 or 11. I guess this could be considered both breakfast and lunch.

I actually cooked dinner today instead of waiting for Jon to get home to do it. We are going to see Food, Inc. later tonight, so we needed to eat fairly early to prevent the need to eat popcorn.

(Cod sprinkled w/lemon pepper stuff, steamed asparagus and a salad w/rosemary lemon dressing – took maybe 15 minutes – I might be willing to do this again.)

I’ve had just 858 calories, 51g fat, 60g carbs and 48g protein today. Not sure what I’m going to do about the low calories/protein, but likely … nothing.