So … didn’t quite make it back to “normal eating” (whatever that is).

We woke up around 6:30 this morning and planned to walk to a farmers market in Ann Arbor, but it started pouring and the local weather was predicting hail … so we checked out, got the car and found somewhere to eat that we could park and walk almost directly inside of. I had an omelet with spinach, ham, artichoke hearts and swiss cheese. Jon had an omelet with a bunch of stuff … predominantly andouille sausage. We both passed up the potato and bread options that came with the omelets.



It stopped raining while we ate, so we were able to walk to the farmers market and check out some shops, etc. before leaving Ann Arbor for Cleveland.

We stopped at one place before leaving Ann Arbor – a small bakery. I mostly wanted more coffee, but there was an $8 debit/credit card limit … so …

Mine was raspberry & sour cream (ate just the top).

Jon’s was pumpkin.

We ate lunch once we arrived in Cleveland at Aladdin’s Eatery.

We split some chicken lentil soup:


I had the Almond Salad (Per the menu – Mixed greens tossed with Almond Nut dressing topped with roasted almonds, parmesan cheese, cucumber, mushrooms, scallions, and alfalfa sprouts.)


Jon had the Falafel Salad (Per the menu – Four Falaffel patties on a bed of mixed greens with cucumbers, scallions, and sliced tomato. Your choice of cheddar or feta cheese. Tahini Yogurt dressing on the side.)


Dinner at Flannery’s Pub put me over the edge.

The appetizer = some sort of rolled up things that were essentially reubens in a tortilla … fried.


I had Bangers and Mash.


Jon had a hamburger and fries.


We split a ridiculously huge brownie/chocolate ice cream/chocolate syrup/whipped cream dessert (we left an entire brownie and 2 scoops of ice cream – this thing was seriously huge).


Yes, we ordered an appetizer AND each ordered our own entree AND ordered dessert AND I’m pretty sure Jon had 3 beers. There was live music, so this was spread throughout several hours, but still.

I feel like I might puke right now.

We’re on the 5th floor tonight, so we’ve gotten a little exercise hiking it up all the flights of stairs. It was relatively easy coming up when we first got here.


After dinner? Took a minute.

Most of the pictures are pretty horrible, I know … taken with my phone, with the flash off. I’m too chicken to whip out the camera or have the flash go off, so bad pictures. Maybe I’ll get over it one of these days.

We’re having a really good time … and I feel no guilt re: eating more calories in one meal than I probably eat in a typical day. It’s just food … It’s just a couple of days. Tomorrow – FOR REAL – back to normal, though.