I have absolutely had one of the best days so far this summer.

# 1 – I flew to Detroit this morning to spend the weekend here with Jon. Jon is my best friend and favorite person ever, so I’ve had a really good time hanging out with him. We spent the afternoon walking every inch of Ann Arbor … and eating, of course.

# 2 – I weighed and have lost just over 2 pounds since last week. Just in time to eat a ton of shit, but hey … whatever.

I had a normal breakfast since I was home. I ate it in the car on the way to the airport … I’m nothing if not consistent with my morning rushing.

I was starving by the time I arrived, so we headed almost straight to lunch at Arbor Brewing Company. They say their food is natural, local, made from scratch and organic, but I’m not going to lie and say I cared about any of that too much at the time. Jon wanted a beer and I wanted bar food/junk, so I would’ve eaten it had none of it been organic or local.

We split two appetizers: nachos w/chicken and beans and pierogies.


We stopped for ice cream sometime after lunch and got a double scoop (one scoop of fudgie brownie and one scoop of chocolate caramel cashew) because there was a $5 limit for debit/credit card use but didn’t really want to get two cones. We split it, of course.


We were thirsty sometime late afternoon/dinnertimeish, so we stopped at a Jamaican place near our hotel … and ended up eating again. We split some jerk chicken with red beans and rice and vegetables (cabbage, carrots, zucchini, etc). I wasn’t really hungry, so I ate less than 1/3 of it. The woman running the place was extremely friendly and told us she had homemade (by her mother) rum cake, so I had to get it (to go). We both ate a few bites.


Now? I’m tired. We seriously walked ALL OVER town. Jon just picked up a pizza (that’s supposed to be the best pizza one of his business associates has ever had) and brought it back to the room. I am not hungry AT ALL, but I’m eating a piece. It’s good. Not the best I’ve ever had, but I like that it has sesame seeds on the crust.

Been a fun junk food day – definitely need them every now and then – but I’m feeling bloated and stuffed and gross. I’m actually kind of shocked at how little I’m able to eat. I know for a fact I could’ve eaten my own nachos AND pierogies, my own ice cream, my own everything in the past – would’ve felt stuffed and bloated, but nothing like now. I just can’t overeat anymore. It makes me unhappy and uncomfortable because I hate the physical feeling. Also? I seem to be 100% fine leaving food – stopping. That used to be unheard of.

I’m still trying to figure out when all these changes happened/became concrete … and I’m still pretty shocked at how fucked up my eating was.

Back to normal eating tomorrow.