I woke up this morning feeling generally pathetic, but headed almost straight to a session with the trainer. Looks like I just needed an exercise boost – have felt wonderful since. I’m not sure when I’m going to fully realize that pushing through ALWAYS = feeling better. I’d probably be talking about how I still feel run down if I hadn’t made the commitment to be at that session this morning. I was shaky and dizzy through some of it, but I kind of expected that since it’s been a week since I’ve exercised AT ALL. I needed that boost this morning.

I didn’t eat anything prior to going to the session because I knew it would be hard – didn’t need anything extra to make me puke. I was busy and distracted afterward, so I think my first meal ended up happening around 11:30 – watermelon and maybe 2 T of natural PB.

I didn’t eat again until close to 4 – a salad w/just lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers w/a few T of salsa thrown on top, a peach and an attempt at some chicken sausages. I didn’t put the chicken directly on the salad because I didn’t want to commit to it – it smelled REALLY gross when I opened the package. The exp/freeze date said 07/10/09, but it’s been open (though sealed) in my refrigerator for a while. Not sure how to even describe the smell. Nasty wet dog? I am a F.R.E.A.K. about food safety/handling/poisoning, so I almost just immediately threw them away without cooking them … but I thought maybe the issue was ME and not rotten sausages. They didn’t smell much better after cooking – and I FULLY REALIZE there was probably nothing wrong with them – but I can’t get over a smell. Didn’t eat them. Got a new fork. Washed my hands. Ate another couple T of PB instead. (Yeah, there’s a reason Jon does all the cooking.)

This is the detriment of fresh/no preservatives/whatever. Everything smells. I’m used to meat/fish smelling like nothing – I’m ok with that.

I went to pilates tonight, so my last meal happened after that – maybe 8? I was feeling lazy, so it was very quick – scrambled eggs, about an ounce and a half of pepperjack cheese and more watermelon.

Not a good day food-wise: 1,563 calories, 88g fat, 132g carbs, 70g protein. I’m just not very hungry.

The ridiculously neglected garden seems to be doing ok. I haven’t weeded it in ages – have officially reached the ‘F it’ portion of the summer … so I doubt any weeding will happen. Looks like we’ll have tomatoes, though.

And there’s a baby squash!

Everything seems to be doing ok.

Caught the dog in there – peeing on stuff, I’m sure. Not sure how he figured out how to open the gate part, but he did. Good thing he’s so cute.