I woke up this morning and found blood coming out of my (infected) ear.

Had an appointment at 10AM – on the other side of town, that I needed to be early for. Started to leave at 9AM and found that my keys were locked inside my car. The spare was with Jon – at work, about 25 miles away.

That appointment (that I was only 2 minutes late for)? Annual gyn exam.

The day really had no choice but to get better, right?

Breakfast (Eating Jon’s homemade yogurt now – he added just a T of honey to a largish container for me, so I’m thinking I’ll be eating it plain soon. I LOVE the texture.):

Lunch (rushing and had zero time to do anything but quickly grab something):


Second half of dinner:

1,851 calories, 109g fat, 121g carbs, 114g protein. The carbs were under control until the watermelon. It was SO worth it, though.

I haven’t exercised in days now and I feel it. We were planning to go to the gym tonight, but I still feel a little run down and didn’t feel like going. I’m meeting with the trainer tomorrow, though … and I’ll probably go to pilates tomorrow night, too. I’d like to fit some cardio in, but I doubt that would be a good idea. I’m getting antsy – must be getting better.