I’ve been thinking more about the junk food thing and about the family I saw at the gas station. I don’t think they’re unusual – I think I’m starting to see things very differently for the first time. The world isn’t going to end because a little junk food is consumed, for sure – I’m absolutely starting to recognize just how common the junk is, though.

Maybe I’m noticing the choices people make because I’m so freakishly aware of everything I put into my own mouth? Maybe I’m noticing because I’m hyper aware of how much work it has taken to undo years and years of bad choices? Maybe I’m noticing because – for the first time – I’m stepping away and really examining food choice(s)? I’m not sure.

I don’t think junk is necessarily evil – volume and consistency seem to be the problem. The problem with that problem? We (probably unfairly generalizing) accept and embrace the large volumes of junk thrown at us and we are willing to eat it all with great consistency. We seemingly just accept that it’s ok to eat cinnamon rolls for breakfast, chips with lunch and coke at each meal.

The junk is just common.

We went to a baseball game on Friday night where we were handed some cards as we walked in. Here’s what we won:

And here’s the gift we had on each ticket:

I sat and watched the child sitting in the seat in front of me eat a small slice of pizza, nachos, ice cream, a huge coke and dippin’ dots – throughout maybe a 3 hour game.

Maybe this was a special occasion. Maybe she gets this kind of junk once a week. Maybe I’m unfairly judging the fact that she had 2 ice cream treats back to back. Or maybe it’s just common. I’m starting to wonder if I would’ve even noticed it a year ago.

Just so nobody thinks I’m a food snob/purist, here’s my lunch:

I can and do eat junk and love it (and kind of wonder if I’m supposed to think that cookie is significantly better for me because it’s “real” – because uhh … I am capable of looking up nutrition info). I think I’m just starting to realize that it has a time and place in my life – a small place and very little time. I don’t want it to be common. I don’t think it should be common – for me, of course.

I don’t know. I certainly don’t know everything. I just feel like my eyes are open – for the first time – to the pure shit that’s marketed/forced on us from all different directions … and it’s starting to bother me.

It’s fucking hard work to undo years of junk eating and unhealthy decisions and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.


And dinner:

I really did eat just a cookie for lunch. I thought I was close to being done with the ear infection mess, but apparently not. The RX is making my stomach hurt, so I really don’t feel like eating much of the time. I mostly just want to sleep.

My fitday info for today: