I am about 98% sure I have an ear infection (have had lots). Ear infection = whiny crybaby with an inability to cope with the world, so I didn’t plan to post anything at all today.

BUT … Jon made the BEST dinner.

He sliced up some pattypan squash and roasted it with herbs and parmesan cheese. He used sauce from a jar, but added some fresh italian sausage and black morel mushrooms from a local mushroom store. He put all of that on top of spinach … and added some more parmesan cheese.

I don’t know how long it took to put this together (was at work), but I don’t think it took long. VERY good and relatively fast meal.

Had to eat on the big plates:

I’m at 2,032 calories, 149g fat, 107g carbs and 88g protein. Need more protein and less carbs, for sure. Next time we might have to eat less squash and add more sausage – definitely not a hardship since the sausage is SO good. The calories reflect the fact that we ate too much dinner, though. We never eat on the big plates – and I’m stuffed.

I haven’t had an ear infection (or any other kind of cold/head issue) in a long time. Not sure what prompted this. I’m sure I’ll be praying for death before morning.