I think I’m totally screwing myself up re: sleep. I woke up at 4:30 this morning and very easily could’ve started my day then. Instead, I stayed in bed and made myself go back to sleep (even though Jon got up at 4:45) and slept until 6, when I woke up again. Made myself go BACK to sleep and then finally woke up at 7 feeling groggy and cranky. My body was ready to wake up 4:30, for sure, since I fell asleep so early last night – and probably would’ve been fine with 6. There’s nothing wrong with this – especially since Jon and I are on the same sleep schedule (with me needing slightly more – almost always 8 hours) – but damn. I would like to be able to stay up past 9:30 once in a while. Isn’t going to happen if I’m waking up at 4-freakin’-30 every morning.

I ate some leftover corned beef for breakfast this morning with yogurt/fruit. I’m pretty disappointed with the walnuts I added to the yogurt. Just bought them on Saturday at the food co-op near us, but it’s apparent they are just … old. I bought a new bag elsewhere today because I just can’t take old and stale. I love walnuts too much to deal with that.

I had a salad for lunch, and decided to take the lazy route with the sausage I added to it (spinach and garlic chicken sausage this time). Apparently microwaving isn’t the way to go with these. Turned out to look … uhh … not quite so appetizing – AT ALL. I ate it anyway. Tasted fine – maybe a little chewier than normal.

I ate a snack before pilates tonight.

And then another.

And then we had to stop at the store on the way home from pilates to pick up milk (to make yogurt) … so I ate a few squares of this on the way home.

Jon cooked dinner (finally!) when we got home: lightly steamed squash, zucchini and spinach with salmon.

I’m at 1,889 calories, 115g fat, 127g carbs and 105g protein. The carbs are too high – primarily because of the cherries and the orange – but I’m ok with it. Could be worse.