I’m starting to think the podiatrist I went to is crazy. He says plantar fasciitis won’t result in knee or hip pain (d/t overcompensation), but I swear I’m ready to be done with the whole leg. How much effin’ rest am I supposed to be giving the damn thing? Apparently I can NEVER WALK AGAIN.

Ok, moving on.

Breakfast was quite excellent, if quite similar to most. Jon jazzed it up a little by adding avocado and adding some cheese to the eggs. He also added 1/2 a peach and some walnuts to the standard fruit/yogurt combo.

I love, love, love corned beef (and corned beef hash, reubens, etc.) … and I love the way it smells when it’s cooking, so I was pretty excited about lunch. I didn’t take a picture of the entire pot – cabbage, potatoes and all – but I did get one at the very beginning of the process.

And before eating.

And of another necessary ingredient/addition.

Yum. I can’t eat a hamburger or steak without puking, but I swear I LOVE corned beef.

Jon decided to make some homemade sauerkraut with the half of the cabbage that didn’t get cooked with the corned beef.

He tried to tell me that half of that cabbage and several of those carrots (shredded) would fit into this jar (that used to house wickles), but uh … how?

Here’s the process:

Here’s the mess:

And the final product, which he learned about here:

Very simple.

I won’t be eating this even though I (used to) love sauerkraut, primarily because I just read the how-to and found this little gem: Mold or scum might appear on the surface every day; just skim that stuff off.

Nope. Some things are better left unknown, for sure.

We went to the gym sometime mid-afternoon where I did about 40 minutes of cardio on the machines while Jon did sprints and lifted. I was pretty disappointed that it was almost completely dead – no people watching – but I survived. Another lesson learned today, though: rap lyrics are also better left unknown. Dang boredom had me actually paying attention to the music I was listening to (on my ipod).

We had nothing planned for dinner since lunch was so heavy, so I thought I might be able to get away with eating just a snack – so I tried.

Then I ate dinner an hour or so later – cold – straight from the refrigerator. I love cold chicken (Jon grilled this yesterday with the jerk rub) and cold cabbage.

I realized at lunch that our meal was quite brown/white vs. green – and realized it when I ate my snack – and again at dinner. I think I have been very accustomed to eating colorful meals … and I like it.

My calories and carbs are high today, but not outrageously so: 2,361 calories, 148g fat, 151g carbs, 119g protein. It was expected.