Breakfast this morning was typical (1/4 cup yogurt, raspberries, blueberries and a few strawberries – 2 scrambled eggs), but I also threw in a small peach that was close to being too shriveled to eat.

I worked outside for several hours after breakfast with a whiny dog who begged to go in, then freaked when I didn’t accompany him, then whined to go in some more, repeat. He’s such a sweet boy – just a tad demanding and unwilling to be hot and/or alone. Can’t really blame him.

I think I ended up doing more harm than good in our pathetically overgrown little garden given that I accidentally chopped off the only bell pepper growing and then smashed the basil, too. I was trying to weed, but I really have no business throwing a hoe around. I’m about as uncoordinated as one could possibly be.

I quit and came inside for a snack after I stepped in a hole and almost fell over backwards – which resulted in visions of myself falling into the pond, hitting my head on a stone and subsequently drowning. Yeah, I’m crazy. Or cautious/realistic. Depends on who you ask.

Lunch (later) was leftover chicken thrown on top of mixed salad greens. That’s it. Plain, but very good.

I was a little hungry later, so I ate some pistachios. I measured to get an idea about what 1/2 cup looks like. LOVE them – it’s a damn good thing they require work beyond tossing them into my mouth.

I skipped pilates tonight and went to a sculpt (total body sculpt, maybe?) class with a friend (at her gym), which I’m going to be feeling tomorrow, for sure. Afterward, we ate at quiznos where I had the cobb salad, which was SO dang good since I was starving – lettuce, blue cheese, egg, bacon, onions, and water – no flat bread.

Came home and had a few squares of the chocolate w/espresso beans – just because I felt like it and can’t seem to fully shake my sugar addiction.

Now? I’m tired. My foot is hurting. I predict I’ll be asleep soon, which is ok since I’m thinking about going to the gym before work tomorrow.

OH! I bought the cutest lunch bag the other day. I think this is going to work well since it’s an insulated lunch bag on the inside that’s large enough for my lunches AND water, but has pockets on the outside for my keys/phone/id. I can ditch the purse I’ve been carrying to work – FINALLY – and can deal with just one bag. Hopefully.

So … about to publish and shut down, but just randomly saw a commercial for a show called More to Love – like The Bachelor, but for fat people – or “the rest of us” says the producer. Haven’t heard of it before, so I googled and found a somewhat helpful article. It mentions contestants will do activities similar to those seen on The Bachelor, but that jacuzzi or massage dates will take on a different perspective. Huh. I’m wondering what that different perspective will be? Last time I checked, jacuzzi’s and massages worked pretty much the same for fat people as they do for thin ones. Am I misunderstanding something? Oh – and there will be makeover aspects. Does that happen on The Bachelor? I’ve never seen it, but my impression from the article is that it doesn’t happen. So … they want to send the message “that you can be the size you are and still be lovable” … but they’ve created a whole new show SPECIFICALLY FOR THIS POPULATION instead of just including them on The Bachelor. And the title? Give me a fucking break.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m reacting unfairly given that I saw less than 15 seconds of the commercial, have read one article from March and have put 45 seconds of thought into this. It just pisses me off to see someone try to sell a show as something it isn’t – embracing people as they are would mean no separate fucking show, idiots. And who the hell are they, anyway, to send the message/grant permission to me (or anyone else) that it’s ok to be/feel lovable? The implication that fat = unlovable is just disgusting to me. How the hell did we (the general we) become some GD shallow?