I am completely exhausted tonight. I didn’t sleep well last night because it was storming, I was alone and my dog periodically woke me up barking at unknown creatures. I seriously don’t know how people function on less than 8 hours of sleep. I just can’t do it. I’m drained.

Breakfast was this, as usual (again with the coffee cup because I ate it very quickly on my way to work):

I packed this for lunch (and it leaked EVERYWHERE and soaked through my bag … so I had sticky watermelon juice all over me – the slice of ham was thrown on as an attempt to add a protein source when I realized I was lacking):

I came home and ate a snack before pilates (needed protein – tuna, little bit of mayo (because that’s just necessary), about 1/2 an ounce of almonds and 3 chopped celery sticks):

Jon cooked when we got home tonight, which was pretty kind since he’s been traveling for the past few days and arrived home just in time to make it to pilates with me – tired, I’m sure. He threw together chicken, red pepper, fresh basil, mushrooms and lots of onions and garlic, of course – and added marscarpone cheese – and now he says a little butter and wine, too. The cheese created a thin sauce of sorts that tasted very similar to alfredo sauce, so it’s probably a good thing we had a limited amount. It was VERY good. I’m very lucky, I know.

Bed now.