I am exhausted for some reason. No idea why, but I can’t wait to go to bed.

Breakfast today was yogurt/fruit/walnuts. I added some blackberries and raspberries to mix it up a little, but ended up giving the blackberries to Jon. Too tart.

Afterward, we did yard stuff for a while before needing to head to the gym. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to completely finish the yard stuff … so … I was NOT happy. I have an almost obsessive need to finish what I start and have been known to have full-blown freak-outs if I can’t finish a project (only one that interrupts my life – like painting a room), so yeah. I pouted and grumped my way to the shower I had to take (since I was filthy) before I could go the gym … which would necessitate yet another shower. I didn’t plan my morning/time well.

I took a snack with me:

Then came home and ate this snack as we prepared lunch:

Jon grilled hamburgers for everyone (us plus kids), but I had a turkey burger instead since I’m not a big fan of red meat. We made baked beans, but neither of us ate any. I had the turkey burger with a tomato slice and lettuce, had some avocado on the side, and also had some steamed broccoli. It was fabulous! I actually had the stuffed feeling afterward, which I’m finding uncomfortable and annoying (though oh so familiar).

(Picture taken with haste – as are all – but this one gets the honor of being most hasty since I didn’t want to appear to be a freak taking pictures of my food.)

My snack this afternoon (way carb heavy – as is pretty much all of my day):

And yet another snack (Just a couple of squares, which I actually put off until I could enjoy it. Radical shift in attitude/behavior, for sure.):

I wasn’t planning to eat dinner since we ate lunch sort of late, but Jon just did this so we’ll have something to add to salads/work lunches:

The house smells so good.