All of my whining last night about not eating enough calories and not having decent snacks paid off pretty well.

Jon looked up decent primal snacks and ended up picking up a fun selection. I had some of all of it except the sardine’s – that’s ALL him. I had about an ounce of sheep’s milk cheese, 3 olives, some tamari almonds, a few brazil nuts, blueberries and half of the chocolate bar. I ended the day at about 2,100 calories and (most importantly) didn’t go to bed hungry. Eating that large “snack” actually made me feel kind of sick, though – overstuffed.

I’m feeling pretty shitty today. I was fine until about 3. After that? I had a hard time keeping my eyes open. Not good. I came home from work and seriously debated not going to pilates. We went, but it wasn’t fun. I felt sick through most of it and just wanted it to end. Quite unusual.

Breakfast was this (minus the banana – ended up eating it on my way home from work today vs. this AM):

Lunch was this:

Dinner was this, which took maybe 10 minutes (greens, tomatoes, 1/2 avocado, cheese, ground turkey, large spoonful fage yogurt, little bit of salsa, jalapenos):

Not quite the nachos/comfort food I wanted, but it was close enough … and SO good.